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About Us

Llamarama is a fair trade organisation. We exist to provide opportunities for small scale enterprises to bring their products to market. Fair trade reminds us that trade is about people, their livelihoods, their communities, not just profit.

Llamarama is committed to improving people’s lives and reducing poverty through trade. For Llamarama fair trade includes everyone in the supply chain, reaching back to the people who farmed or mined the raw material, as well as those who gave the product its form and shape.

We are fair trade experts. Our unique skillset comes from a thorough understanding of the ethical and fair trade markets in the UK and expertise in working with both artisans and workers in less developed countries.

Dedicated to trade justice and raising awareness of fair trade. Our trading partnerships are based on dialogue, transparency and respect. In addition to working with small artisanal family businesses, Llamarama is committed to supporting social enterprises that provide skills and business training as well as support, rehabilitation and employment opportunities to people on the fringes of society in Peru, El Salvador and Guatemala. Through offering design support and a market for products, Llamarama goes beyond merely paying a fair price but also offers a financial lifeline to exceptional social projects. Our aim is to help more people to help themselves, to be a catalyst for financial independence, and to support the establishment and development of other small enterprises.

Passionate about protecting our planet, this shapes every aspect of our business, from using natural fibres and dyes, recycled materials, banking with Triodos Bank (a leader in ethical banking) , to reusing and sourcing recycled packaging.

Celebrating craftsmanship and small enterprise, Llamarama maintains traditional production methods, keeping operations small and manageable and supports distinct cultures, customs and norms. By using natural products as far as possible and supporting investment in environmentally sound production, Llamarama helps keep the benefits of trade within the communities we work with, using global trade to improve lives.

Our Values
• Handmade high quality products
• Care for people, care for the planet
• Fair prices for producers and customers
• Unique designs
• Ethical shopping made easy
• Transparency and trade justice

Llamarama is keen to support Toybox and their local partners to one day ensure no child is living or working on the streets and donates from every sale to Toybox 
Children end up living on the streets for all sorts of sad reasons. Toybox works to support children living on the streets in many countries where Llamarama has partners.

Fair trade offers opportunities out of poverty. Together organisations like Toybox and Llamarama can help create the kind of world we all want to see.