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Crosses and Stoles

confirmation cross for a girl

Confirmation Cross for a Girl

Colourful fair trade Confirmation cross for a girl
halo coconut wood cross necklace

Halo Coconut Wood Cross Necklace

A lovely lightweight handmade coconut Tao shaped c
jesus ascension cross necklace

Jesus Resurrection Cross Necklace

Jesus Resurrection wooden cross necklace
peace cross

Peace Cross

Beautiful peace cross featuring dove of peace. 20 x 12cm
coconut jesus the good pastor necklace

Jesus the Good Shepherd Cross Necklace

Jesus the Good Shepherd Cross Necklace
Curved Dove Cross

Curved Dove Cross

Curved shaped wooden cross with 3D dove! Lovely wall hanging decoration
christ has risen

Christ Has Risen

Christ Has Risen Colourful La Palma Salvadorean fa
confirmation cross for a boy

Confirmation Cross for a Boy

The perfect gift for a boy on his Confirmation. 2
christening cross

Christening Cross

Christening or Baptism Cross. Beautiful colourful


Beautiful handmade stoles

Country scene Wooden Crosses

Colourful hand-painted wooden cross with hook featuring countryside scene in range of sizes

Doves & Bible Colourful Cross

Doves and Bible colourful wooden cross

Jesus & the Lamb Cross

Jesus and the Lamb wooden cross. Fair trade and handmade.

Noah's Ark Cross Available in Large & Small

Noahs Ark Wooden Cross
St Francis Cross

St Francis Cross

St Francis Cross. 35cm x 21cm wooden handmade hand painted cross

The Resurrection of Christ Cross

The Resurrection of Christ Handmade Fair trade wooden Cross
Star Cross

Star Cross

Delightful Fair trade Star Cross available in large and small sizes.

The Resurrection of Christ Giant Cross

Handmade and hand painted Giant Resurrection of Christ Cross (50 x 30.5cm). A beautiful colourful fair trade wooden cross.
mother mary cross

Virign Mary Cross

A beautiful colourful cross with a delightful image of Mother Mary.20 x 14 x 1cm